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The Season's Over...Now What?

If you can't ride - you might as well admire your ride!

While many enjoy riding their bicycle year round, for most, the snow and cold temperatures keep many cyclists off their bike until Spring. If you're not an "All-Season" Rider, many are left wondering what to do when they can't ride outdoors. 


  - Clean your Bike - If you can't ride it, now is a great time to clean it up for the 2018 Season.  Perhaps it's still caked with mud from your last epic ride - or sticky with your Electrolyte Drink that dumped on your head after your season ending race win? Now is the time to give your bicycle a thorough cleaning - If cleaning isn't your thing - Bring it to us!  We'll clean and detail it for you! 

- Keep Riding...Indoors-  If you're not familiar with Indoor Trainers yet, you're missing out.  Now you can binge watch your favourite TV Show while you Keep Fit & Keep Up to Date with your Favourite Bingeworthy Show!pedal away in the comfort of your basement or garage.  An indoor trainer allows you to maintain your season fitness without leaving your house (Awesome) - Our most popular brand is TACX  . Drop by and we'll show you some options and help you pick out a suitable option!

Tune-Up your Ride - Now is the BEST TIME to bring your bicycle in for a Tune-Up, Not only will we get it back to you in a jiffy, you'll be able to hit the road once the weather breaks.  Now is the best time to address the maintenence issues or upgrades you've been putting off all season. This is the #1 thing we can suggest - Get your Bicycle Tuned-Up Now! - You'll beat the Spring Rush and your downtime will be minimal!   Make a Resolution to be Proactive this year and beat the rush for your Spring Tune-Up!

Plan for 2018! 

Tackle the things you've been putting off all season - NOW 

- Address any Maintenance or Fit Issues with the Bike(s) - Get a Quality Tune-Up, Prep the Bike for the Season- Restock your chain lube and cleaning supplies! 

- Make sure your Gear is in Good Shape - Check out the condition of your Helmet, Clothes and other Accessories - Ensure they're still meeting your needs - Consider any improvements or upgrades to make them more comfortable or effective! 

- Budget for any New Expenditures - Now's the time to plan for your wheel upgrade, that new lightset, or the helmet you've been eyeing.  Also a great time to consider a NEW BIKE, if your current ride is no longer meeting your needs - consider an upgrade!

- Plan For Adventure - Register for a Bike Race or Charity Ride, Plan to conquer a new route or distance, Book your Epic "Bucket-List" Worthy Bike Adventure! Seize the Day!  Do Something FUN with your BIKE in 2018!

Doing some of the Nitty Gritty Planning now, will ensure you'll be ready to ride when the snow breaks (or whenever the weather is suitable for your personal level of comfort!) 

2018 Will be the BEST One Yet  We have the BIKES, GEAR, and SERVICE to help you exceed your 2018 Cycling/Fitness Goals!

Drop In, Give us a Call, or Shoot us an Email! We're here to help!


You Know You're A Cyclist When...

Style Success!You use your helmet as a hairstyling device. HelmetHead is a Hairstyle Right?

Most of your pants have frayed cuffs and chain-grease marks.

You are polite to most everyone, you blush at some rap songs, but you swear like a drunken sailor when a Grandma in an SUV cuts you off!

Although you speak English, you're perfectly capable of pronouncing several words in Italian or French.

The friend who was so happy to see you on his morning drive wonders why you gave him the finger when he honked.

You think nothing of walking into public places dressed like a super hero.It's a Bird, It's a Plane...No It's LycraMan! (or Woman)

When someone says "It's only a bicycle," your jaw drops and your eyes bug out, you'll gasp "ONLY A BICYCLE?"

A car goes by with two (your preferred gender here) carrying two bikes. Later, you can't recall their hair color or what make car, but you can ID the bikes' make, model and color.

You sometimes wish you had a longer commute to work, just so you could ride more.

You have 3 bikes and you absolutely need more. I have too many bikes (said no cyclists ever!)

Tappity Tap, Tap, Slip.....Good thing I was wearing my Helmet!You've wiped out in your favourite post ride haunt, since you forgot you were wearing your clipless shoes. 

You ride 50km, one way, with a twenty in your pocket and if you actually buy something, you consider leaving the change because of the weight.

You choose a seat by the window so you can "see your bike" while you chat with friends at your favourite post-ride restaurant. 

You and your cycling friends can recreate the Jaws scene where QTrucks, schmucks! Be Smart Though, Cycle Safe!uint, Brody, and Hooper compare scars, each with an even better story, except yours go something like "This is from a 1996 Honda Civic that turned left in front of me and put me over the hood."

Multi-ton cars and trucks tear along in front, alongside and behind you... your pulse rate: 66.

You shop for your spring wardrobe at our store, rather than malls and clothing stores.

You practice track stands and bunny hops in your spare time.

You know the location of all the major potholes between your home and office.

If you can relate to any of're officially a cyclist!

It's Okay, We're Cyclists Too!


QUICK FIX: Your New Seat Hurts!

Don't suffer with a numb bum! We can help you ride pain free!

PROBLEM: Ugh! Your new bike is great... except for the seat!

CAUSE: It might be adjusted wrong or simply wrong for your anatomy.

SOLUTION: We can help! Drop by so we can look at your bike to check the seat adjustment. If it's okay, we'll show you some different seats from our selection. There are many widths and padding styles to choose from. Plus, if your current seat is still new, we may be able to trade it for a different model! 

Today's Tip

Forget A Part? Don't Let It Ruin Your Trip! - If you're unlucky enough to get somewhere with your bike and then realize that you left something crucial back in the garage, such as your shoes or front wheel, don't give up on riding. Remember that you can ship almost anything, almost anywhere in the world overnight. It'll cost you a pretty penny but you'll at least salvage the riding part of your trip. You can't put too high a value on that.